Two problems i'm having with my fuze

  1. Three days ago as of this post I plugged in some old school full size koss headphones just to see if i could tell a difference in sq from my re2’s/ksc75’s. I could not. However, it had a 1/4 inch plug and i used a 1/8 inch plug converter or however that goes. They were pretty old and I think I forced it in too hard because i have a case on my fuze and I thought it wasn’t in all the way and it was. Wondering if it shorted it out or something and the bass is weak now because of it?

  2. I have a problem with replaygain. One of the things is that it works, but anytime i adjust the eq (do it with two of my cheap headphones) the sound goes back to having no replay gain and i have to turn it up or down a notch to get the replaygain going again, is this normal?

I have firmware 2.20.26 or somethin like that. Thank you very much.

Anyone at all?

From pics of the Fuze’s disassembly here:

It doesn’t look like pushing the plug too far in, if that’s possible, can damage anything on the PCB. If you have the right tools (used to open cell phones and such) and the mechanical dexterity, you can pop open the case and find out for yourself.

I played around with the EQ a little bit. The RG indicator in track info was still active, even when I used Custom or different EQ modes. It’s hard to tell aurally, since any change (even if small) in EQ setting causes substantial drops in volume. All of the EQ changes I tried for my music just made it sound worse, so I stuck with the Normal setting. I’m not sure how you determine that the RG was off.

ReplayGain in 2.02.26 (what I also have) is very finicky and somewhat buggy. Yes, it works, but you have to use the right ID3 tagger & format, and workaround the +value bug.

my suggestion for ur replay gain problem, try using media monkey and use the adjust volume option in one of the menus at the top.