Replay gain and minimum volume

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with Replay Gain: after experimenting a bit with it, it seems that it does not affect the minimum volume: two identical tracks (ogg vorbis), one replay gained at -20dB, and the other one not replay gained, will sound very different at mid-volume range, but have the exact same loudness at minimum level.

Since the minimum volume is somewhat loud for me when I’m in silence, that’s a problem for me.

I’m using firmware 02.02.26, would that change with a more recent firmware?

My fuze is also localized in the Americas, would changing it to Europe help with this (from what I’ve read the EU version only lowers the _max_ volume, but you never know)?

 Would installing rockbox give me lower minimum volume with or without replay gain?

Sorry if this has already been addressed, I did a search and did not come up with an answer, but my understanding of replay gain is still very thin.

I partially answered my own question: I went ahead and installed rockbox since I wanted to try it anyway.

I haven’t had time to investigate a lot, but now I can really crank down the volume at least for the replay gained track, to a level where I can barely hear it.

I’d still like to know if a newer fuze firmware would also work for me, but I’m glad I found a solution to solve the problem! :slight_smile: