Two Clips on the same computer?

Hi, I bought two Sansa Clips on Amazon this morning–one for my husband and one for me.  Are we going to be able to use them on the same computer? I guess I should have asked this BEFORE buying them :frowning:

I’m not sure how Windows Media Player reacts to two devices with the same name connected at the same time but there would certainly be no problem to connect them for transferring files one Clip at a time.

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There should not be any issue any which way.  WMP should just recognize 2 different devices as that (altho I haven’t tried it).  But even if there were an issue, the solution is as above–jus’t don’t connect them at the same time (or use MSC mode).  You likely aren’t really intending to connect both at the same time.

Good choice–enjoy!

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Hi, Jenn.

My brother and i have Clips and we both use my laptop to tranferdate/chargeup etc.

It works fine.

we’ve never tried using the both clips at the same though, so i can’t comment on whether that works.

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Each device synchronized with Windows Media Player is given a little ID file by the application.  You can synchronize as many Clips as you wish, and WiMP will remember them.

Heck, you can even plug in several Clips at the same time!  The device pane opens in the upper right of the WiMP GUI, and an arrow appears for “Next Device” if multiple Clips are connected, once the Sync tab is selected.  You can scroll from machine to machine.

If you wish, from the media library, you can manually drag and drop to each device, or set up an automatic synchronization.  This function is very cool if you have a data problem on one of the Clips, as you can simply reload everything as desired.

One word of caution, lest your heart rate run up: the first time that the automatic synchronization is started, WiMP will try to fill the Clip with everything but the kitchen sink…in fact, if you have something by Kitchen Sink, it will try that too.  Simply click onm the “Stop Sync” button as soon as it goes Chernobyl, then tell WiMP to put those files away like a good boy.

WiMP is tricky to learn, and Microsoft has distressingly little support information for it, other than the “uh, just let it do what it wants” answers that are available.  It does have some cool features, like a basic Tag Editor (simply right click on the track), so experimentation is the order of the day.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

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