1 computer; 2 sandisks

Can’t find an answer to this simple, probably dumb question.

1 computer, 2 sandisks, any problem downloading the same library to both?

Any way to have different libraries for each?

Thanks in aAdvance.

no problem sync 1 library to both sansas

Regarding your other question: At least with Winamp I don’t think it would be a problem having two different libraries for the two Clips, just transfer different files to them and that’s it. I assume that would be the case with any program but I only use Winamp so I don’t know.

I do this without any problems.  I have a Clip and a Fuze and sync both from the same computer using Winamp.  In MSC mode, Winamp put’s a little hidden INI file on each player that contains all the sync settings for the player, so it always knows which one is hooked up and what settings to use.