Transfer from Clip to PC?

My hard drive died, so my music is on two, 2G Clips.  When I install new hard drive, how best to transfer music from clips to new hard drive?  I recall Windows Media Player11 didn’t offer to do that, but not sure.  Thanks for advice on best solution/software to transfer back to HD. 

You simply can connect the Clip to your computer, and then drag and drop your files between the two.  Nice and easy!

I’m not able to drag and drop files from the clip to my PC. What am I doing wrong?

Did you also try right-clicking, and copying and pasting?

I’ve tried copy and paste. I’ve tried right click and drag and copy. The only way I can get the tracks off the clip is to use WMP11.

Have you tried connecting in MSC mode (under settings; or force it by putting the Clip in hold and connecting the USB cable between Clip and computer while pressing the center button down)?

Sorry for ee the files inthe question but my experience is, that you will only s the mode that you put it on!?

So if I drop files to the clip in MSC mode than I will not see them when I connect the clip in MTP mode…

Could that be part of the problem?

That is correct (if I understand you correctly).

It worked when I tried it in MSC mode. Thanks.

I was wrong. I was only able to copy a few of the tracks from the Clip to the PC in MSC mode. Any other ideas?

I pull files from the Sansa routinely for work on the device, or to share between PC’s without setting up “shared folders” on the network.

Windows Media Player will work bidirectionally.  Simply click on the Sync tab first, with the device connected.  If you haven’t set up the device for synchronization with WiMP, simply select “cancel” if the automatic synchronization balloon pops up.  You can set it up at any time.

After clicking the Sync tab, double click on the Sansa at the left lower end of the tree.  The Songs / Albums ? Artists tree will expand. 

Then, drag and drop them to the Sync List at the right of the screen.  When done, simply click the Sync button in the lower right.

Bingo!  Your songs will be added to the PC’s library.  From there, you can drag and drop them into another directory if desired.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Using WMP11 to transfer works great (Thanks Bob), but what if the PC doesn’t have WMP11?

@srv_lives wrote:

Using WMP11 to transfer works great (Thanks Bob), but what if the PC doesn’t have WMP11?

It was a free download, and even my old computer runs it without a hitch Computer