Copy Sansa's Music in PC

Someone can tell me the software to copy all the music of my Sansa (easyly) into the PC? Thanks a lot.

No software needed. Simply connect your player to your computer, highlight the files you wish to copy and drag & drop them to your computer as you would with any other file.

Depending on the system you use you may need to switch the unit to MSC mode instead of MTP.  MSC makes you system show up as a drive letter (like a thumb drive) so you can drag and drop files.  Some versions of Windows and/or Linux don’t allow the using to be used in MTP mode.  The way you swap to MSC mode is to go into Settings/System settings/USB mode.  Then select MSC mode and you should be good to go.  Warning, any file you previously transfered in MTP mode will not show up in the system when in MSC mode.  I thought my unit had lost half of it’s space until I figured this out.