tv podcasts disappeared overnite and songs on 16gb card not showing 8gb fuze with firmware updated

I have wmp 11, windows xp,  8gb fuze v 02.02.26a, 16gb memory card(formated), smc 1.0.b004.256cdg

internal memory  7.6gb  2.6gb left   3798 songs 94 playlists

external memory 14.8gb   7.2gb left   2592 songs  48 playlists

usb mode set on auto detect

system settings…info…songs 5454 

97% battery

i have approx 6000 songs(daily radio broadcasts(30 minutes) called “thru the bible radio” the complete 5-year series in mp3 format)  broke down by chapters of the bible…approx 3-6 minutes for each chapter

example: psalms(playlists)…150 chapters(songs)

I have this on my fuze in perfect order…alot of trial and error.

once i did the firmware update(manually…thank you for that help)…I was able to see everything i had loaded onto the fuze…

i could of stopped there and been very happy with my fuze…but i thought i’d try to load my niv cd audio bible also 

  1. i loaded using smc 7 tv video podcasts saturday night on external card and was watching them…awesome…sunday morning they are gone?

  2. it takes approx 20 minutes for the refreshing media after i change something…is there a way to speed it up or is this normal for this size of file?

  3. i added approx 2000 songs (48 playlists) to the external card and they show up in windows explorer but not on the fuze? they show up in wmp 11 …external card…under playlists also…it shows the songs but 0 seconds? same with artist…genre…album

when i look at internal memory…songs…i see the length of each song

when i look at external memory…songs… i see no length of each song???

internal memory…folder…\music  3798 songs 316 hours

external memory…folder…\music  106 albums 2488 songs 0 seconds

they don’t show up under system settings…still says 5454 songs… have i reached my limit on my external card?

i looked under usb mode…mtp…and…msc to see if anything shows up and nothing shows up different.