tv podcasts on fuze gone?

i had several tv podcast on my fuze last night and was watching them…today i went to video and they are gone? any ideas?

Try having a look at the Fuze memory with the device plugged in to your PC.  Windows Explorer is handy for this.  Do you see the file names in the Video folder?

If you connect in MSC mode, try deleting the file mtable.sys in the root directory.  When you unplug, the Fuze will rebuild the file list database from scratch.  See if your videos reappear.


I deleted mtable.sys file while in msc mode…songs still not showing up or the tv podcasts.

they show in wm11 and the show up in system settings…i see they took up approx 7 gb of space on the 16gb card.

i went thru and checked all the tags with mp3tag and all the tags are the same   ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 .

further suggestions very welcome…

i have three files that do show up on 16gb card and i looked at them in mp3tag to see if they look different from the other files that are not showing up…looking for the missing puzzle piece. tags all the same

is it possible that the refreshing media doesn’t really refresh? what would keep the fuze from reading the songs when they show up in wm11 and they show up on external memory and they show up as far as system settings…the gb are used.

hmmmmmmm  puzzled in arizona