Turn off when charger unplugged

Is there a way to make my 4gb sansa clip turn off when the charger is unplugged? I got really lucky and my Altima happened to support auxilary input with a little bit of modification. and i know that the clip turns on when a charger is turned on. but it would be  perfect if it would turn off automatically when the charger(my car) turned off. that way i wouldnt have to switch it off every time i get out of my car.

can anyone think of a way this could be done?

If your Clip is playing music, then it will not turn off automatically.  The Auto Power is useful only when nothing is being accessed by the device (music and recordings).

right, so im wanting to know if there is a way around this. or how personal the firmware developers are, if they would be able to add this as an option in the next update. just making the power settings more customizable.

I am not sure SanDisk would do this sort of customization.  If SanDisk were to do all requested implementations suggested by users, then we would be buying $400 devices.

You never know though…they might squeeze this one in.

Just pause the playback in the car when you are about to turn it off.  After the power is removed from the AC adaptor,  the device will auto shut down.

When the car powers up the device will also power up and will be at the same position where you paused the playback.  press play to resume.

Not exactly what you asked for but a decent work around. 

sansafix beat me to it!  Pausing the player is the hot ticket, allowing the device to timeout and power off.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: