Turning Off Auto Power?

Is there a way to make my Sansa Clip NOT turn itself on when I plug it in to charge or unplug it from charging?


This “feature” is honestly enough to make me consider selling my Sansa Clip, which is a palyer I otherwise like and use often at work and when skateboarding.

Everytime I plug it in to charge, it turns itself on and then takes no charge while it’s on.  I have to manually shut it down for it to be able to charge up.  I read that this is the opposite of how it’s supposed to work, but it’s how mine works.  If I leave it on when it charges the battery stays empty.

It’s terribly obnoxious having this plugged into my car charger and having the player turn itself on everytime I turn my car on or off.  I’ve thought about tossing it out my car window a few times because it’s seriously not worth the hassle this player gives me just to have a charged battery.

Was very happy with my last Sansa player, I hope I can turn this off somehow?

There is something wrong,  becuase the player charges while its on,  not when its turned off.

You sure your car charger puts out 200 ma and 5 v?

What if you connect to the comuter,  does it charge there?

If not,  I think you have a broken unit.