clip or clip+ autostarts when i turn my PC off so battery is always dead

my clip player refuses to charge as every time i DO get it charged attached to my PC’s USB cable, it turns itself on and runs the battery back down as soon as i turn the PC off. i tried disabling auto-start in the player’s menus and looking for the problem online. how do i stop the player from discharging every time i turn my PC off?

Unplug it from the computer before shutting the computer down. The power is cut to the USB ports on many computers anyway when powered off, so leaving your player plugged in is silly and acconmplishes nothing.

you’re TOTALLY missing my point. that’s just it, i plug it in to power it up and then forget that it’s plugged in. short of wearing headphones plugged into the player so i hear it turn on when i power down, there’s no way to remember, and as far as i’m concerned, i shouldn’t have to. my cowon and gumstick never did that, it’s a stupid feature. i guess your reply is there’s no way around it then.

Under the Clip’s Settings, there is an Auto-Off feature–have you set that, e.g. to 5 minutes?