Request for new features : turn off Clip after unplugging it from the PC (or turning PC off)

Hello Sansafix
First of all, thanks for the new firmware release !

I now have a request for a new feature that would spare the battery inside the Clip.
When the Clip is plugged into the PC, and when you turn the PC off, the Clip won’t turn off. And of course, you don"t pay attention to that, so, the next morning, the battery is almost empty.

In a similar way, if you unplug the Clip from the PC, it won’t turn off.

So, could you implement a feature that would turn off the Clip right after database reorganization when the Clip gets unplugged or the PC is turned off ?

Thanks a lot


Klint, if you click on the Home button (the one with a house icon above it), then go to Settings > Power > Auto Power, you can set your Click to power down as quickly as 30 seconds after the last activity. This will work when your Clip is not connected to your PC.

However, I believe a PC’s USB port is still supplying power to any connected device even after you turn the PC off. So, you really should be sure you disconnect your Clip from your PC when you turn your PC off.

Thanks for the tip!
But unfortunately the trick won’t do it :frowning: , as unplugging the Clip from the PC will set it back to the state where it was when you plugged it in!
So, if your Clip was listening the radio or a song, this activity is suspended while connected to the PC, but it resumes as soon you unplug it. The AutoPower setting will be useless, as the Clip is back in activity… and discharging if you don’t care!

And I do confirm that my PC stops supplying power when you turn it off!

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What happens if you pause the radio or song just before you connect the Clip to your computer? Since the state of the Clip was “pause” when you plugged it in, it should return to “pause” as soon as you unplug it. When it’s in “pause”, the Clip will power-down after the time-out period you’ve defined in the Auto Power setting.

If pause,  it will auto power down.  Simplest answer is after unplug from USB and database refresh,  just turn it off with the slide switch if you dont plan to listen right away.  Many user prefer that it stays powered the way it is currently implemented.  Its the same on all the other Sansa Products, so I think this will not get changed. 

The idea of powering off the LCD backlight after some period of time when USB connected is getting considered,  again,  thats different than all the other Sansa Players.

Sansafix--  As you may have seen, I think one of the reasons why people have commented on the “Connected” screen here is the more “limited” life of the Clip’s screen, given OLED technology (and distinct from other Sansa products)–people just don’t like the idea of losing hundreds or even low thousands of hours of screenlife to a “Connected” screen.  Perhaps the idea of an intermittent “Connected” indicator, every 10 or 20 seconds, might be something to consider, if that isn’t detrimental to the screen.  And/or something more discreet, like a small, flashing symbol–I think some people also have found the present screen to be a distraction.

I agree with Miikerman. The constant flashing of Sandisk’s logo and the image of the computers being connected aren’t really necessary. Like he said, maybe flashing “connected” every 10 to 20 seconds would suffice.

Well, that and bookmarks …