True line-out via stereo adapter?

Hello all, I am a satisfied owner of a Fuze, and I love it.  I have recently been considering a Clip as well, but more for the novelty factor as I don’t really need it.  However, I am very interested in a certain feature.  I know that the AS3525 has line-out capability, as well as headphone and speaker outputs (though the speaker output is disabled in all Sansas, AFAIK).  Regardless, noone yet makes an LOD with the proprietary Sansa connector, and currently, you have to jumper pins in order to enable it without a powered dock, anyway.  I’d simply like to know whether the Clip is capable of sending actual line-out through its mini-usb port?  I realize it can be seen as an MSC storage device by USB head units, just like a thumb drive, but can it output line-out through that port?  If so, could I simply purchase one of the many mini-usb->3.5mm stereo jack adapters for cell-phones, and have a stereo line-out jack?  Or could this be enabled by future FW versions?  If so, I may just have to pick one of these babies up, thanks for taking the time to read this!

Forgot to mention that this (presumably) would be in lieu of any type of dock, being that there’s no proprietary connector on the Clip…

Nope.  Not possible to get line-out on the Clip.  In some casees you an get pretty decent results over the headphone jack, but not like a true line-out.

Even the Fuze can only provide line-out via a dock, it can’t be done with a simple cable.

When you hit ‘play’ on the Clip you get analog signal (music) from the headphone jack. The question is if the Clip is playing music at the same time also through USB in the digital form - ‘D+’ and ‘D-’. If it does you would need a DAC (digital to analog converter) to transform digital signal to analog before you can amplifie it with the amplifier. If not then USB on the Clip is just ment to be used to transfer data. I need check this with the scope.

Not on the USB either.  It’s just a standard USB port, nothing proprietary or special about it.

The Fuze can provide line-out over it’s proprietary 30-pin connector, but not the Clip.