Docking device?

I really would like to buy a Fuze or Clip, but I cannot find a device to buy or at least fashion where I can play this device through a portable stereo or home system.  Could someone please advise.  Please don’t send links for devices that are not avaialble.  Thanks

You can play a Clip+ or Fuze through a home stereo with a cable that plugs into the player’s headphone jack.

You can plug these players into a boombox if the boombox has a line input, using this type of cable.

The Altec Lansing iM413 is the best machine, but it isn’t available.  Its sister machine is, the iM510 with its pop-out dock.

I have found that the Sansas are quite happy with a basic desktop PC powered speaker set, plugged into the headphone jack.  If you find one of the sets with a subwoofer paired with them, you’ll have some great sound for very little money!

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I would like to have something more portable where I could carry it around the house, outside, etc.  Are there any portable stereos that work better?  Why the heck doesn’t Sansa have a machine like this?

There are many battery powered speaker systems and boom boxes with a line input jack. The larger and less portable ones have better sound though. Battery powered speakers eat plenty of power, but you could use rechargeable batteries.

"Why the heck doesn’t Sansa have a machine like this? "

Why reinvent the wheel? There are so many choices available.