Griffin Dock & home stereo system?


I see that the Griffin Doc has a line out, so you can connect it to a home stereo system. Does anyone do this, and if so, is the sound coming out of the mp3 player just as good as playing the radio/cd’s on your stereo system?

My wife and I purchased the Altec Lansing for Sansa system, and not 100% happy with the music. So I’m thinking of returning it, getting the Griffin dock, and getting a decent stereo.

I frequently use my Fuze on my stereo system but technically you don’t need the dock, just a cable to plug into the headphone jack. The dock is simpler, looks better, and saves the battery on the player. Depending on how good the stereo is and the bit rate of the files you are playing, you may or may not be able to hear a difference between the Fuze and a CD. The better the system the higher the bit rate needs to be.

Got two powerdocks. One connected to a Denon amp and some good Mission floor standers, and the other to a Yamaha amp and speakers in my daughters room. Only been playing with the Fuze for a week or so, but it sounds good to me. What you term as a ‘decent stereo’ may be a weaker link in the chain! It will definately be head and shoulders above an all-in-one dock/speaker combo.

Actually I have a third dock - in the car :wink: They are so cheap on eBay it seemed silly not to pick a few up, even figuring shipping to the UK from US.

You do need to buy a power adaptor too.

Thing I do like with the Griffin dock is that it disables the scroll wheel volume when connected, something I was worried about before buying.

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The iM413 is designed as a tabletop machine, with small speakers, perfect for the den or office.  It has small speakers (but the ported bass design is great).  Note that it runs happily on a few AA batteries- this should give you an idea of the size of the amplifier within.

For more volume and power, you simply can’t beat running the audio output to a proper stereo amplifier and speakers.  This is a completely different ball game.

The Sansa has the detail to provide excellent music when connected to a revealing system.