Griffin Dock, on sale

For what’s it’s worth the Griffin Dock is listed on Amazon right now for $17.99  I ordered one…

If this is not appropriate for a posting the forum owner should delete. I wont be offended.

This is fine. Anything like this is valuable for users to know

As long as you are not the one selling it, that is. :wink: has the Altec Lansing iM413 speakers+dock for $40, but it looks like it’s out of stock. They’re still taking orders though, so maybe they expect to get more.

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Nope, I have no affiliation with any hardware company or sales company… I’m a software guy in a totally unrelated business and not related to anyone selling anything :smileyvery-happy:

Oh and they shipped it today (ordered yesterday)

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It arrived today (ordered Tues, arrived Fri)  and I must say I like it alot. The line-out sounds great, better to me than the headphone jack as I would expect . I have it hooked to a set of old computer speakers that have a volume control on them. I have it powered off a blackberry usb powerpak.  And it even fits into the dock inside a clear hard-case I got for it

the ‘adaptors’ are just different thicknesses of rubber standoffs to hold the player in place without stressing the connector, apparently all the players it supports have the same connector. The thickest of the 3 standoffs proved to be the best one. So for just under $25 including 3 day shipping I must say I’m very pleased and it makes the Fuze a much more enjoyable device in my home-office since previously I was connecting it manually to the power and using the headphone jack to the speakers and now it’s simply drop-in and go

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