sansa clip connectivity

i bought a 3.5mm audio jack to standard usb cable to connect the clip to my car radio usb port but no sound comes out of the speakers, i have also tried the clip connected to laptop with the same cable but again, no sound. 

is it possible to play the clip via an audio jack to usb cable?

maybe an audio jack to audio jack cable connected to the ipod socket on the car radio will work?

A male-to-male 3.5mm cable from the player’s headphone jcak to the car stereo’s AUX (or AUX IN) jack will work.

A short USB to USB cable from the player to the car stereo’s USB port will work provided the car stereos is equipped with such, and the files are in a readable format by the stereo (typically .mp3 or .wma). Check your car owner’s manual for details.

A 3.5mm jack plug to USB cable will NOT work.

gotcha, thanks for the reply

I have to say…I can’t imagine any device could use an audio plug to USB cable.

The audio plug is analog, the USB is digital.

You’d need some kind of complex conversion just to get info through the cable–much less to use it.

I see there are a whole lot of them.

But…what would use they be???

i bought one advertised as being able to connect an audio device to usb on pc / laptop, but no sound though

now you have stated about one being analog, the other digital it makes sense why it does not work.