Trouble with Playlist

I have just dragged & dropped several songs to the music folder in the Sandisk.  The music folder was accessed by clicking on the internal drive.  All songs were added to the device under recently added.  I then moved several songs from the music folder to the playlist folder.  After the device was synced, I tried to open the playlist on the device.  It contains no music files.  It just has a go list and that is empty.

Have I missed a step?



You can put the music files back to the music folder.

A playlist is simply a list of the songs you want to play on call. You don’t have to shift the files to the playlist folder, the list includes info about the location of the music files, so the player knows where to search them.

The proceeding is as follows: Connect the player to your computer. Open the player memory and the folder with the files you want to add. Open Foobar2000 or Winamp (or Windows Media Player, which I’m not familiar enough with, though). Drag and drop the files you want to add to the playlist editor of Foobar or Winamp. Sort as you wish or have the editor sort alphabetically or otherwise. Click to «File» / «Save playlist…» and choose the root folder of the Clip+ (not the «Playlist» folder!) to save the list as m3u , name it to your liking. Done.


Thanks for the direction

This doesn’t seem to work for me. If I try to drag files from the Sansa Clip+'s internal memory to 

This doesn’t seem to work for me. When I try to drag a file from the Sansa Clip+'s internal memory folder to the Winamp playlist, nothing comes up. The only way to add it is to manually open a file through Winamp, go all the way to the Sansa Clip+'s folder, than sort through for the file I want, and this would take forever for even a small 20 song playlist. If I take the songs off the internal memory and copy them onto my PC, I can put them on the playlist all at once, but when I save the playlist and put it onto the Sansa, it says the playlist is empty.

Here’s a WInamp step-by-step. 

The files need to be on the player already.

If you create the playlist in Winamp with files on your computer, then the paths it makes to find the files will be the paths on your computer–not your Sansa. 

Here’s a step-by-step with WInamp. 

Note: The files have to be on the player already.

A playlist is a list of paths to files. If you make the playlist with songs on the computer, Winamp will list the paths to the files on the computer–not the files on the Sansa.