Trouble playing tracks in Sansa Clips (4 and 8 GB)

I have two Sans Clips (4 and 8 GB), between two and three years old.  They’d been working very well; but, just lately,  they’ve both been acting up while in use:

  1. The menu screens freeze and will (sometimes) unfreeze and

  2. The units shut themselves off a minute or so into playing a track.  This happens with any track I choose.

I have looked into updating the hardware…but it appears that my units are up to date.  The batteries have been completely run down before recharging…and the phenomen still happens.  I have also formatted one of the units (8GB) using the Formatting command in the unit menu (not while it was connected to the computer).

I’ve pretty much run out of things to try. Any suggestions/help from the Forum membership would be greatly appreciated.


JCF, Arkansas

Perhaps some of the songs you added recently are corrupted? Try deleting any recently added songs from the players. What have you been doing recently that is different?

JK, since my last post, my 4 GB Sansa Clip had settled down and was working well.  I changed the setting from Auto-Detect to MSC mode so that I could drag/drop using Windows Explorer.  This afternoon I had about 2GB of memory free and was transferring files.  After I finished, I disconnected from the computer (properly) and went to check out my Albums folder on the player only to find that the screen had FROZEN.

I can’t turn it off, nor can I change settings.  Nothing.

Does this mean ‘the End’…or is there something I can do to restore it to functional use?


If it’s frozen just do a reset. Hold the power (sliding) switch up for 20-30 seconds. It should shut down before this, but continue holdinig it for the recommended time.