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I just bought a Sansa Clip and have had lots of fun with it.  The music transfers very easily from Windows Media Player, but now I have a problem. I’ve downloaded some e-books from Project Gutenberg as mp3s into Windows Media Player. I’d like to put them on the Clip, but when I do it, they appear as music.  I tried setting it on ebooks, but then, as someone else mentioned, when I went back in they were in the music section and the ebooks section was empty. These ebooks are in MP3 format, so maybe I’m out of luck here???

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Why not just copy the files over to the audiobooks folder with Windows Explorer?

OK heres what I think you need to do.

Open the Sansa Clip and move the ebook files from under the “Music” folder to the “Audiobooks”  folder.

You can do this using Windows Explorer.

Then the content will be shown under “Audiobooks” on your Clip.  It will also apply automatic bookmarking to the files.

The other alternative is to select the content in WMP  (right click it)  and select advanced Tag editor.  Change the Genre tag to “Audiobook”. Then use WMP to transfer the content to the player.

The content with the “Audiobook” genre Tag will show under the Audiobooks section.

Thank you SO MUCH!  I don’t know why I didn’t figure that out in the first place.  I was still having trouble, and talked to my computer-savvy son.  (I was confused by the Windows Explorer part of the instructions, because I don’t use Explorer).  He pointed out that I needed to go into “My Documents” to find the file in question.

Okay, for anyone who is having similar problems, here’s what I did step by step:

Plug in the Sansa Clip to the USB port.

Open “My Computer”  then open the Sansa Clip icon.  Next, open the “AudioBooks” folder.  

Then, open “My Documents” and locate the file you want to transfer. In my case, it was an MP3 file located in “My Music”

Drag the file from “My Documents” to the open AudioBooks folder.

It’s as simple as that! Now it will open in AudioBooks instead of music!

Very clear step by step instructions and I have followed them EXACTLY as you have stated.  I am having a problem because I still do not see an “Audio Books” for on my Sansa Clip.  I clearly see the Albums, Music, Playlists, Record and Service folders.  When using the Sansa player, the Audio Books folder is a selection but it is empty.

Create a Folder called Audiobooks  not Audio Books.

Make sure you have the latest firmware installed.

Thanks for the help. 


The actual solution was to update the firm ware and all the folders were proper created automatically during the update.