Please help a complete novice.

Thank you in advance for your patience.

I *just* bought the Sansa Clip 2GB today.  

Had some issues, had to upgrade my WMP to V11.  Now it recognizes the player, and I got the files to transfer successfully using WMP and “sync” capability.  It took absolutely FOREVER to do it (It’s an audiobook and the files on the disk are Winamp Media Files, FYI).

So, now I’m trying the drag and drop thing.  I can drag and drop all day long, and they show up through My Computer, but they don’t show up on the list in my Clip anywhere!

I am currently doing the FirmWare Updater, because that’s what the “official” Sansa site says to do.  

Being on dialup, and it’s a 3MB file… I’ll be awhile.

My question is - will this firmware thing solve my problem, or do I have to do something else?

I tried to follow along with the “How to Rip CDs directly using WMP 10” (even though I have 11, I figured I could figure it out), but the problem is that I already have it open WMP and play the file when inserting the new disc, I can’t select “Rip to CD” as the step says to do.  I don’t know how to undo that option.

Oh, please help!  This is so frustrating to me, trying to get this to work!  I just want to listen to my books on CD on my Clip.  :frowning:

You have put a lot in your post. I can only address pieces of it. However, that might make the rest clearer.

I don’t think the Clip supports Winamp Media Files. The Clip supports mp3, wma, wav, and ogg audio files, and aa audiobook files.

I think files of unsupported types will not show up on the Clip Music listings.

Ripping CDs is really easy. Click on the Rip tab of the Windows Media Player (WMP) menubar. Clip on it a second time, and menu will open. Selct Format. You will see one choice checked. I recommend MP3 because there are fewer variable.

Now put a CD in the CD ROM drive. WMP will display a column of song names.When you click in the Start Rip  button the selected songs will be put in your Library on your computer.

The easiest way for many to update:  manually.  See the “sticky” thead at the top of the forum as to the newest firmware, for manual upgrade instructions.  Very easy and fast to do (and seems to work better on dial-up–the Sansa Updater can be difficult with that). 

Thank you both.

I will try to drag and drop a different kind of file later today when I have time.

I will also look at the manual updates sticky.  


I’ll add what seems to be my fave bit of advice (forwarded by some very helpful users here on the forums, BTW):

For audiobooks, you may find it helpful to merge the (typical) numerous individual mp3 files into one huge “whole-book-in-one” mp3 file (or at least a couple/few if one is too big for your tastes).

I did this when I found that the automatic bookmarking feature (in the latest firmware update) still caused me to recall which individual file (section)  of the whole book I was listening to before I stopped/powered-down.

If that makes sense…hehe…just remember that there are very simple and very easy programs that can merge several mp3 files to do what I described above.  I am currently using mp3merger, again, based on some advice from another user here, in another thread.

Oh, and you will want the latest firmware, especially for audiobooks listening, as it gives you the separate “audiobook” folder that you can add your own (non Audible, etc) mp3s to…and for the automatic bookmarking in any files that reside in that folder (smae goes for the “podcast” folder).

Good luck!  You have snagged a very cool mp3 player there bud.  Once you get the right updates and get things organized how you like them, you will be diggin your audiobooks, and tunes too.