Newbie needs help with new Sansa with drag and drop...

Just got a Sansa 2 gb and I have ITunes on my computer. I dragged and dropped some of the titles to my Sansa and it seems to have worked but when I went to Music it says it is empty…do I have to use Windows Media Player as well? I thought the drag and drop was enough…

Please - simple terms - I am not too savvy with music. Thanks!

What file format are the original music files in?  The Clip doesn’t support aac files.

How would I determine the file format? They were in Itunes and this was given to me by someone so I did not load the originals…

Maybe I should try to explain further. These were originally on CD’s that my son transferred from the CD’s to his iPod. I now have the iPod and in order to play anything, I had to load the music to my computer I think from the iPod (please forgive if I am not explaining this properly) through itunes. The music is now on my computer in my Music file and in there is the Itunes. I do not think he loaded any music directly from itunes and if he did, there is very little…

I just connected by Sansa to my computer and the music is showing as being in there…

Ok.  Stepping back a bit. 

Music files, just like files on your computer, can come in all sorts of formats.  This includes mp3, aac, ogg, flac, etc. formats.  The format of a file is indicated by the last 3 or 4 letters of the file name, after the period.  And so the music file Take Back the Night.mp3 is an mp3 file (that is, the song encoded using the MP3 format); Take Back the Night.aac is the same song but encoded in the aac format.  You can see the file name, including the file type, using your computer’s browser, or by right-clicking on the file name with your computer and then selecting Properties.

The Clip, like most players, does not play every possible type of file, although it does play many different types, including mp3, ogg, flac, wma, and wav format files.  You need to check your music files, in your computer’s browser or otherwise, to see if they are of a format type supported by the Clip. 

As noted earlier, the Clip does not support aac format files, the format that Apple defaults to.  It is possible that, in “ripping” his CDs into music files to play on his iPod, your son ripped the songs into the aac format.  If that is the case, the songs will not play on your Clip.

In that case, you could:  re-rip the music from the original CDs, into a file format the Clip recognizes (the MP3 format is the most universal).  Or, you could convert the aac files into a format recognized by the Clip.  Of the 2 choices, the first is preferable, as, when you convert music from one format to another, you “lose” bits of data and the sound integrity goes down.

I hope this helps.

My music seems to be in M4A form - I cannot re-rip the music from the original CD’s as they are not in my possession any longer - so - what is the best bet from here?

I think the only choice would be, to convert the files into a format that will play on the Clip, like mp3.  Note:  the music’s quality will suffer some from the conversion–it’s always best to rip from the original source.

Various conversion freeware is around.  You could try Format Factory, at  You need a converter that will handle the M4A format.