Help on Audio books

Just got a Clip 2MB for a cycle trip I am taking. I am taking my work compuer (Windows 2000 with WMP9) and thought it would be nice to load some audio books (from the library *.wav files). I upgraded the firmware and I have loaded music just fine using the MTP mode. I can download the book to my PC and listen to it but when I transfer it to the Clip (tried using both windows explorer and WMP9) I keep getting “Synchronize to continue your music subscription.”  and it won’t play.

Any suggestions besides upgrading my operating system or WMP (not an option).

I love the player I just though some books on long streches would be nice.

Just some clarification on my part. I got my MTP and MSC mixed up. I transfer music using the MSC and explorer. I tried transferring the audio file this way - no luck. I also tried switching it to MTP and using WMP9 to copy it to the clip - again no luck.

You may be having issues with WiMP9 and DRM.  Are the books from Overdrive?

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

Well my problem got solved - the PC crashed just before the trip. So I got a newer PC with WMP11 and XP. All works fine now - proof that you do need the XP and at least WMP10.