How do I download a book into Audiobook?

I downloaded a book that went into the Music (Songs) and I wanted it in the Audiobook.  I had the menu on Audiobook but when I went to list it said it was empty. I then found the book in Songs! 

How did you transfer the book? if you transferred the book using WMP11 all you need to do is to change the genre of the book to AUDIOBOOK. On the WMP11 music library just simply right click the book and then select “Advance Tag Editor” then change the genre to AUDIOBOOK then re-transfer the book to your device.

Thank you.  I get my books from the Library and use Overdrive Media and WMA.  I’ll try your suggestion since mine is from the Overdrive.

I didn’t finish it before I submitted it!!!  I’ll try but not sure it will work with Overdrive. 

For Overdrive there is an Advanced option after you select the transfer option.  When you select that you can change the folder on the Sansa clip where you want the audio book to go (e.g. "Audiobooks).

Thank you.  I would never thought to look in Tools

In the Options it gives me a choice of MP3 Audiobook or WMA Audiobook.  I think I should probably highlight MP3 Audiobook since I have transfered the books to the Clip and not Downloaded them to the computer. What do you think?   

No need to go into tools.  And don’t change any type to MP3.  The overdrive books are WMA.

Here is the process.

Select the book

Hit the transfer button

Select “Next”

Then I think the next step is to selct “Advanced”  (not positive of this step exactly since i don’t have a current book to transfer and check this)

There should then be a a full path for the books destination shown, you can go up there and change the word “music” to “audiobooks” in the path

Then continue.

Good luck! 

Thank you.  Will do that for my next book.  Right now I’m listening to the book that went to Songs. Have a good day!

I tagged the genre as Audiobook (in WMP11) and it still went into songs!

Help please?

Once you have the book in Media Overdrive, click on Transfer and then choose Advanced. Choose the audiobook folder and create a new folder with the title of the book, then complete the transfer process.