Transferring fies from one flash drive to another

I transferred some files to an encrypted “vault” folder on a SanDisk 16GB flash drive. It all went smoothly. Now – just to have a backup – I’d like to transfer the encrypted files on the first drive to the “vault” on a SECOND SanDisk drive.  But I can’t seem to do it. When I stick both drives into the computer,  only one at a time can be can be opened with the “vault” password. That makes it impossible to copy and paste the files in number one to number two. This simple copy & paste task seems so basic that I feel stupid not being able to figure it out. But I’d really like to transfer my encrypted files to a second flash drive. Any advice?

Congratulations on wanting to have a backup!!! 

Copy & paste doesn’t work with vault files, at least not directly.  :-(  You need to copy & paste the files in one vault to the machine’s hard drive, remove the USB drive, insert the 2nd USB drive, copy and paste the files from the hard drive to the 2nd USB drive’s vault. 

It MIGHT be possible to clone one USB drive to another but I have never tried it so I don’t know if it is a workable option or not. :frowning:

You have to install any EnCrypt Software then plug in your 2nd USB Flash Drive, and launch the downloaded installation program.

Try the following tricks:
After copying, open the properties of the destination folder.
Enable encryption for it but do not choose to encrypt child objects.
Apply changes
Disable encryption for the folder and this time choose to decrypt all child objects.