Transfer to computer

Looking to move files from encrypted vault to picture file on computer so I can use slide show options.

Have 508 files and don’t want to do 1 at a time. Copy, paste drag drop, cut don’t work

Help would be appreciated  TKS

You have to move the files from the secure ‘vault’ before transferring, viewing or editing any located there.

I’d suggest not using the vault for photos, pictures, etc.

Sorry but I’m old and not real good at this…   I can see them in the vault and under the vault it shows my “C” drive but I can’t get them there. I’m not seeing another place. Is it there and I’m not seeing it. Thanks for your response… please be patient.:confounded:

Hadn’t heard back so I started to root.  Expanded my “C” drive and found location I was looking for. Highlighted a file in my vault and dragged to the file location. A plus marked showed on the new location. Let it go and it showed a popup window saying “decrypting file”.  503 photos later they are all out and life is good. Seemed to on be able to move about 20 at a time. Don’t care… done.  Thanks for sending me in the right direction… Jim

Wow!  Thanks for the update Jim, and the happy ending.  :smiley: