I would like to get my forty-five photo folders out of secure vault and onto the "unsecured" portion


I need some help with this one. I would like to get my photo folders out of the secure vault and onto the unsecured portion of the same flash drive. I have the 64GB and I already used up 40.28GB of it. I would like to eventually get these folders onto my icloud storage for safer keeping.  Help!!!

You need to copy each file, one by one ttbomk, to another location.  The question is if you copy a file from the vault to the unsecure portion of the drive does the vault shrink.  Actually not “copy” rather “cut & paste”.  Or extract, paste and delete.

But you do have to extract the photos from the vault to save them someplace else.  One option would be to save them all to the hard drive, and if the vault hasn’t shrunk delete it, and SecureAccess also, then copy them all back to the flash drive.

Let us know what you do and how it worked for you.