Concurrent use of secureaccess

I have several 8 gb cruzer and 16 gb ultras with vault and secureaccess.  I have not figured how to be able to attach 2 drives to my computer and be able to access the two vaults simultaneously.  Is there a way?  When I open one drive I can access the vaults on that drive.  When I try to run SA from the second drive I get a message stating a copy is already running and I cannot access the vault.

only one can be used at a time. it is the way the software is designed. 

Thanks, that is kind of a pain if I want to move files from one to another.

Two Three options:

  1. Like copying a CD on a machine with a single CD drive, you copy the files from one device to the machine’s hard drive, remove the initial device and insert the second device, copy the fies from the hard drive to the second device.

  2. Use two machines networked together.  Insert a device in each machine, set up each device to be shared and writable then copy away.

  3. Depending on the size of the files I suppose you could insert the first drive email the files to yourself, remove first drive, insert second drive, receive the emailed files and save them to the second drive.