transfer photos from computer to Cruzer flash drive?

hey all!  im new to using a flash drive.  i just got it in the mail actually and i bought it so i could download all my photos from my computer to my drive and then delete them from my computer so i will have more space and hopefully a faster computer…i couldnt back them up on a disk because my drives are bad and dont work…first, is this a good idea (in other words, is it safe to put it all on a flash drive and have that as my only backup )  second, how do i actually make the transfer???

thanks to all!!!

“first, is this a good idea (in other words, is it safe to put it all on a flash drive and have that as my only backup )”

If you delete the images from your hard drive than this USB drive is not a backup, it’s your sole keeper of your files.  So, when the USB drive fails, and all things fail, it’s not a question of if but rather when, you will loose all your photos.  If that is acceptable to you then yes this is a good idea. 

If you want the photos off the pc and backed up then I suggest copying them to 2 or more USB drives.  That way when one fails hopefully the photos can be restored from one of the other devices.

" delete them from my computer so i will have more space and hopefully a faster computer…"

More space yes, faster computer, highly unlikely.  A defrag of the hd would be more useful.

“second, how do i actually make the transfer???”

Drag & drop using Windows Explorer works.  And I’m sure there are photo apps that will do the transfer also.

Wow thank you so much!!   that was really helpful!! :)…:smiley:

Ed_P is right.  All drives will eventually fail, some sooner than others and having only one drive with all your photos on it could mean losing everything.  USB drives are inexpensive, depending on the amount of gigs that you need.  So having more than one isn’t very costly.  But trying to recover your photos after a drive fails, and there’s no guarantee that anything can be recovered, can be very expensive.

Connect you flash drive to the computer and one it is connected property start transferring your photos by copying all those which you wanted to transfer and save them to a location you choose. If you have disrupted the transfer then you may end up losing some of your photos so in that case you can use photo recovery software to recover photos from Flash Drive.

hmmmmm A response to a topic 6 months old and an indirect reference to REMO products, but no where do I see prices for the free downloads, so I have to ask, how much do they usually cost??

I just bought a cruzer usb 2.0 flash drive but I do not know how to get my pictures off my lap top. Please help

Move (or copy) them to your Cruzer drive just as you would to any other folder or place on your hard drive. :confounded:

Hi eyeadyne. You can just open 2 windows ( your pics folder) and the USB stick windows. Simply drag it over to the USB. Or you can even do a cut to have it removed from your laptop to save some space. 

Remember, if you delete your pictures from the laptop and loose the flash drive your pictures are gone forever.  The same holds for the flash drive wearing out or having it’s FAT screwed up if the flash drive is removed without using the Windows Safe Removal function.

transfer photos from computor to usb2.0 flash drive

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transfer photos from computor to usb2.0 flash drive

Well, you’ve succeeded in copying the thread subject title almost word for word. Did you have a question, or are you simply practicing your typing skills? Maybe you should check out Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. I hear the software is pretty good and you don’t have to register and waste our time.  :confounded:

“transfer photos from computor to usb2.0 flash drive”

If all your photos are in a single location/folder and you want to copy all of them to the USB drive, open Windows Explorer, move the mouse pointer to the folder’s name, RIGHT click on the mouse, on the little menu that opens move the mouse to the Copy option and Left click on it.  Then move the mouse to the USB drive, RIGHT click on the mouse, on the little nmenu that opens move the mouse to the Paste option and Left click on it.  Wait a few seconds for the copy operation to finish.  

Then click on the USB icon in the System Tray and select the Safe Removal option.  When the USB drive is ready to be removed you will see a window telling you that.

IF you only want to copy some individual photos, use the steps above to select and copy them one by one.  When done do the Safe Removal step. 


I see robbie66 speaks the same language as Armand. :stuck_out_tongue:

I see robbie66 speaks the same language as Armamd. :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently neither knows to use IE9’s Compatibility Mode option and SanDisk doesn’t know how to fix the website to not require it.

Does anyone know of a way to add only NEW pictures to a flash drive, when you don’t know exactly which folders they’re in or how many there are? Maybe a way of comparing what is currently on the drive with what’s currently on the computer?

Or is the only option to resave the entire My Pictures folder?

I guess it doesn’t take too much time to cut and paste, or drag & drop pictures. It’s not like doing an entire backup of files. But does it wear out the flash drive to keep resaving everything. I wonder if I can do a search for ‘date modified’ and find them that way, hmmm…I may have just answered my own question.

DONT DO IT before calling sandisk help…I followed the directions from sandisk website…I dragged and dropped my pics…message said OK…then when i checked, my pics were all LOST…spent an HOUR on the phone with SANDISK technocian trying to HELP me recover, but my pics are lost.  He said I should have chosen copy and paste instead of drag and drop, (which is what sandisk recommends in their instructions)…then to further upset my day, he offered me a SANDISK program i could PURCHASE to possibly recover my lost pics…for $39.95…hmmmmmm

When I drag & drop on my system I get Copy not Move.  I don’t know why your system didn’t react the same way.

As for the $ for a recovery system, it’s jsut an option not a requirement.  It depends on you to determine how valuable your files are.  There are other vendors that recover lost files, and certainly more expensive than $40 bucks, choose whoever you want to use.

I have a Toshiba laptog with windows vista and I purchased a sandisk cruzer glide 8 gb.  I am getting no where when I try to set up and transfer my valuable photos onto my new flash drive.  Your help will be appreciated.  Phone number???