some body please help me to use my new sandisk cruzer 4GB,URGENTLY thankz so much before…

Plug it into your pc.

I bought these cruze flash drives a while ago and yesterday I tried to save about 50 jpg pics and it only took about 6.  I’m afraid I don’t know how to sure them as I thought.

I chose my pics and it said it was unable to creart file.  

Are there directions I need, I thought it would be easy, it’s supposed to hold 4gb.



It is easy.  You open a Windows Explorer window for your pictures folder another Explorer window for your USB drive, click on the pictures you want to move, hold the left mouse button down and drag the group to the Explorer window for your USB drive and release the mouse button.

The speed with which the transfer takes place depends on several factors including the speed of the pc, the speed of the USB port, antivirus apps that you are running, other apps running, etc.