Transfer files via Mac OSx How to?

The Sansa m230 appears as a volume on my desktop. Dragging and dropping mp3 files onto the volume copies files but they are unrecognized by the device (No files - 0/0) even though there is one mp3 file there. The directory looks like Sansa m230 - audible (folder), config (folder), library.xml, record (folder), song.mp3, sys-conf.dnc Thanks for any help…sorry if the answer is somewhere in the fourm and I didn’t see it.

I’m answering my own question…the files need to be mp3. Tried testing an mp4. All is good. It was too simple!

Answering my own question. Files need to be mp3. Was trying to upload mp4 and they don’t work. All is good now.

You can convert the format to mp3