Not able to drag and drop mp3 files


Yesterday, i tried to add mp3 files on my sansafuze, (Drag and drop method, copy and paste).

Since i am an owner of Sansafuze for the second time, for me it was supposed to be easy.

But i am not able, i have got message Impossible to copy xxxxx.mp3 the apparel does not respond or is disconnected.

My question is: Does the Sansafuze need a new procedure to copy file ?

I tried another cable to transfer, i try an usb input at the back of my computer but nothing working…

i format too.

Please help me for this issue.


my problem is resolved,  the usb parameter must be put on msc

Wierd, I’ve never had problems dragging and dropping with MTP. What version of Windows Media Player do you have? To use MTP, you must have version 10 or higher, even if you plan to use Drag and Drop.