Transcend uSD card not recognised in Rockboxed Clip+

I have rockboxed my 2GB Clip+. It is running successfully.

I bought a Transcend 4GB uSD card - copied some music on it through cardreader and inserted it into the Clip+.

But the Rockbox doses not “see” the card. I can not access the files in card even after updating the database.

In the Rockbox info it is showing that “HD1 - not present”. In Debug - disk info - it is showing “microsd1” -not present.

The card seems to be O.K as the same card with the copied music is recognised by the  Clip+ original firmware and plays OK.

I also chech the card using H2testw and formatted the card using Panasonic SD Formatter tool without any success.

I inserted a 2GB Verbatim uSD - and it is recognised by the Rockbox.

So, what may be the problem here? Pls. help!!