'Rockboxed' Clip+ Win XP now 'blind' to mp3 files

I have been using my Clip+ for a few months now and at the time of purchase, I bought an additional 8GB of space on a memory card, I was planning to buy another 8GB once this was used up

The player was ‘Rockboxed’ before I started loading files onto it. Several oddities occurred following these - ie the player would have to be switched off prior to connecting to Windows XP via USB cable, an easy workaround. After files were transferred to the player in the dual boot mode, I would disconnect and then switch off the player to re-boot in Rockbox… which appeared to overwrite the original mp3 file names with generic id’s - which had to be renamed in Rockbox…

While the Clip was connected to my PC i was also unable to create any file structure in the Clip+ folder, all files had to be transferred to the root folder (Music) and again, file structures would have to be created entirely within Rockbox along with moving the files form the Music folder to their respective folders… again, this was a bit of pain, one I could live with. Am now unsure as to whether a file structure was creatable before I Rockboxed (I never tried) ?? I can live with all the above just about.

However, today, (following a PC system re-install) Windows recognises an external USB connection attempt via the beep, but no external USB device is visible, so I switched from Auto Detect to MSC (MPT does nada ) and two USB drives are viewable - the Clip and a removable drive F! The Clip device has a folder called Rockbox  (I assume the two drives displayed in explorer are related to the (faulty?) dual boot?). Regardless, I am unable to view any music files (total 3.75GB) in either folder, although if I right click properties for the Clip + folder, it reports 3.75GB space is used (the F ‘drive’ reads 0GB and has no data)

So either Rockbox has developed a glitch?

Or the USB cable has gone squiffy ? (ordered a replacement tonight).

If memory serves, if you loaded files into the Clip+ with it configured for USB MTP mode you cannot see those files in MSC mode and vice versa. I think people here say the recommended mode is MSC not the default Autodetect. If you pull the microSD card and use a card reader you should be able to see the files on a computer. When it comes to microSD card issues some seem to fix the issues by formatting the microSD card with the SD Formatter 3.1 for SD/SDHC/SDXC program.

You may want to upgrade the Rockbox to the current build. If you have to reboot into the Sandisk firmware for USB transfers then its a good bet you are using a Roxbox release that is release 3.10 or earlier. Roxbox releases newer than 3.10 have the USB enabled. Using the current build on a Clip+ and do not have any trouble with Roxbox working in USB mode to transfer files both to the Clip+ and microSD (16GB) card.

You can use the RockboxUtility to update the Roxbox firmware to the current build. Put the Clip+ into USB MSC mode via the Sansa firmware before upgrading the Rockbox firmware or installing it for the first time.

More info about updating the Clip+ and some known issues can be found at this link:


It might be advisable to start from scratch by booting to the Clip+ Sansa firmware, copying all of your audio files to your computer. Then in the Sansa firmware, format the Clip+. If using a microSD card, remove the card from the Clip+ and format the card with the SD Formatter 3.1 for SD/SDHC/SDXC program. Do not reinsert the microSD card until the Clip+ has been updated with Rockbox. Once the Clip+ has been formatted, in the Sansa firmware configure USB for MSC. Next if the Roxbox firmware has been erased due to the formatting, reinstall it using the RockboxUtility to the latest current Clip+ build. If it hasn’t been erased, update it to the latest current build with the RockboxUtility. Then copy your music back to the Clip+.

 Good info there,

I will try and make my way through that lot over the weekend