An unexpected advantage of Rockbox

I wrote in an earlier post about a failed attempt to load Rockbox on my Clip+. However I was sufficiently intrigued to have another go and this time it went OK.

It’s had an unexpected benefit as well.

I have a 2MB Sandisk card which works fine in my mobile and my Samsung player but it refuses to work in the Clip+. The card refreshes itself but then comes up as “Empty”. However since being able to boot the Clip+ in Rockbox the card reads with no problems.

It still fails to work if I boot in the original Firmware though.

It seems a bit surprising to me but it’s nice to be able to use the card.

Rockbox and sandisk each have their own drivers with their own bugs, so sometimes things work in one but not the other. 

I have spent the last 6 hours trying to get my 32gb micro sd card to work on my clip+ and finally just downloaded rockbox. It fixed the problem I was having with my clip not recognizing the micro sd card. Thanks for posting this!!!