Samsung micro SD card

I have an SanDisk Sansa Clip + & I bought a Samsung 16GB Class 10 micro SD card & it locked up before I formated & after I formated anybody know a way to get the micro SD card to work without locking up every time & I didn’t know that it was recommended to use class 2 or 4 because Amazon didn’t list that all they had listed was you needed a micro SD card

With the original firmware, the Clip+ has issues with some cards faster than class 4. If you install Rockbox, a free alternative firmware, it is likely faster cards will not cause issues. Rockbox does not support DRM protected files though, and installing Rockbox on a player may make it permanently unable to play DRM protected files.

Rockbox provides many more features and settings than the original firmware. Rockbox is a dual boot system, where you can boot to Rockbox or the original firmware. Think of Rockbox as being like Linux is for a PC.

OK thanks & when you put that on there do you have to format the card or the player

No need to format.  If some songs were transfered in MTP mode then when you connect the player to your pc with the usb mode set to MTP you will see some songs on your player(or its card) on your pc.  Delete those on the player and its card(assuming you have copies on your pc, if not, then copy them to your pc then delete them from the player and its card), disconnect the player, set the usb mode to MSC, reconnect the player, and copy those songs to the player and its card again. Rockbox only works with MSC mode.  You do need to read the instructions on the Rockbox site to make sure the version of the original firmware in the player is compatible with Rockbox. If not, then you will need to manually update it. Using the Rockbox installer is easy. For automatic installation you do need to choose the drive letter the pc assigned to the player.

OK thanks

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how do I know if it works with firmware version V01.02…18A

01.02.18A is what is in my Rockboxed Clip+, so yes, that firmware will work with Rockbox.

Read the manual before installing Rockbox.

I can’t figure out how to do this:

2.2.3. Bootloader  installation from Windows

  1. Creatba folder called rbinstall on your desktop and then extract the OF, the bootloader and mkamsboot into  it. I did that

  2. open Command Prompt and navigate to the rbinstall folder. I did the first part but don’t know how to do the second part

  3. run mkasboot.eze, passing the name of the OF and bootloader files that you download, in addition to a name for the output file.

code: mkamsboot.exe clap.bin bootloader-clipplus.sans a patched.bin

if mkamsboot.exe does not report success, then retry or abort.

  1. Copy the output file(patched.bin in the example given above) to the root of the device and rename it to the same name as the OF file you downloaded earlier (clappa.bin above).

That is the manual installation of Rockbox which is complex. Download the Rockbox installer and do the automatic installation which is very easy. Make sure the usb mode on the player is set to msc, then connect the player. You just need to choose the drive letter that the pc gave to the player after it was connected(Rockbox calls this the mountpoint).

I did the install what do I do next & how do I tell if it is on there so far it just looks like before I put it on there

Was the usb mode on the player set to msc? Did you set the mountpoint(Rockbox needs you to set the drive letter the player is assigned to)? If so, then when you disconnect the player you should see a message saying it is installing Rockbox. Wait until the player turns off on its own, then turn it on, and it will boot into Rockbox.

it was set to that & I didn’t see that when I unhooked it from the computer & in the My Computer section for the player shows the Rockbox files & I finally got it working but I have another problem it is not showing up in my computer so I can put music on it

In MSC mode the player shows up on your computer as an external drive with a drive letter, not as an mp3 player. Open Windows Explorer(right click on start, click on explore) and you should see two additional drive letters show up, one for the player, and one for the card slot in the player.

  I boot the player into the original firmware(hold down the left button while turning it on) for making transfers to the player, as a few have reported some issues with files transferred using Rockbox.

OK I figured out that now for the Rockbox do you put the music in this folder ##Music# & how would I know if the SD card is working right with the Rockbox

I load the music using the original firmware, and put in the music folder. I don’t know what the ##music# folder is. It is on my player as well. I just ignore it.

I guess most people don’t have problems using Rockbox for transfers on the Clip+, but a few said they did. Since your card is faster than class 4, you will probably have problems with transfers using the original firmware, so use Rockbox. Just make sure to safely remove the player before disconnecting it.

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  I boot the player into the original firmware(hold down the left button while turning it on) for making transfers to the player, as a few have reported some issues with files transferred using Rockbox.

I never have trouble transferring music in Rockbox, in two Clip Zips, one e280, and an iPod Video.  My original Zip has not booted into the original firmware since January of 2012…and my second Zip has only seen it a couple of times, when I first got it. 

Not to mention the fact that if you load your music in the OF, you have to deal with the database refresh where the player is useless! If you never go into the OF, you can also delete the folders surrounded by the hashtags…

Nice and neat, eh? Those files surrounded by hashtags will reappear if you boot into the OF, but they are of no use for the Rockbox user.