track sequence (ignores track #, title, and filename)

Struggling quite a bit to get tracks to play in an order I choose. In the mp3 tags the track numbers are all set (and unequal), I copied the track #'s and prepended them in front of the titles, and copied them and prepended them in front of the file names. Also cleared the fields: Album, Album Artist, and Discnumber. Finally figured out it’s ignoring all the fields and just listing/playing them in the order they got copied onto the device. Any help/alternative? Pretty frustrating few hours, but hopefully rounding a corner.

Hi @ottenm,

Please contact the SD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

Try using 2-digit track numbering (01-99). This will allow the Music Database to play in sorted order.
If you are using Folder Play, then you may need to sort the FAT table.

Thanks a million dfeld2005. I have/had 3-digit track numbers, but not much better after changing them all to 2-digit.

Between the nuanced play sequence, not always restarting where I left off, and not being able to use it while it’s changing, gonna find and try an alternative.

Thank you for your help.

Thank you for your suggestion Keerti_01!

I successfully use 2 methods of creating my desired sequence of music playback.

FOLDER MODE - works best after using the FAT Sorter application directed to the player internal memory or to the micro SD card.

MUSIC MODE - works best with less than 2000 music files. Requires medium-strength effort to properly curate the metadata in the mp3 tags. Use 2-digit tag numbers. (AND not 01/12 etc etc).SanDisk players do not precisely handle metadata from iTunes… I like to use the tag editor program “mp3tag”. There are 100s of discussions on this topic in the Sandisk Forum.