Totally blown away by my Fuze 4G!

Sorry to be so late in joining the 21st century!

I just used SMC to load a 10 meg music video to my Fuze(first time).  I am just totally blown away by this technology!  The video and audio were supurb!  The audio quality was better than a 256Kbps mp3 file I had created from Imeem using Audacity.

It did change the 10 meg avi file to one that was 24 meg on the Fuze.  Wonder if Sansa is working to create more efficient (bit wise) files?  But, even at that I calculate that with an 8 gig card I could load around 320 music video’s onto that tiny little thing!  Totally amazing!

Now if I can just remember where I got that avi file in the first place!