Sandisk: THANKS!

Hello everyone,

I came here and registered to say thanks to Sandisk. I bought a Sansa Fuze about half a year ago and it is just pure awesomeness. I love it, being a (quite cheap) device with high-quality firmware, ReplayGain, playing FLAC and Vorbis, quite nice battery life and a high output. (very convenient using headphones)


No, Thank  YOU

How refreshing to hear someone praising these miniature electronic marvels others seem intent upon putting down and whining about all that they can’t do, rather than what they can!

Does ktf stand for “Keep The Faith”? :smiley:

Well,that name has actually no meaning :slight_smile:

I was actually thinking the same, all those feature requests, discussing about SMC, gapless playback… I was already watching this forum for some time :wink: I am really, really happy with my Fuze.

I agree, I think the Fuze is a nifty piece of kit especially now I have added an 8gb microSD card to give me 12g overall.

I agree with the OP.  Even though I am new to the mobile media player world (never had a need for one until now), I can say that I am glad I picked Sandisk over iPod or the horrible M$ Zune. The Fuze can do more than both of those devices for half the price.  It is indeed pure awesomeness.  Gotta love FLAC and vorbis playback out of the box.  Good luck getting vorbis support from Apple or M$.  Hell, i can’t even play Vorbis on my Windoze 7 install (I rarely use Windoze anyway, but this fortifies my decision).

It’s maybe the time to also do it:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve bought SansaFuze 8gb because I’d heard that it play flac and ogg. All was not great but it do it almost well.

But since the 1.26 FW, it’s perfect! ReplayGain,  Folder navigation, no more bug about mp3->ogg play… This FW was a very good surprise and a lot of friends buy it when I had done them a demonstration.

I think it’s the only one wich have all this specific features!

Great work!

I suppose the “life” for new features is over (the last FW was more bug fixe than new features) but for me, sandisk showed me he had the possibility to make a great players with very specifics things you can’t find elsewhere.

I’m impatient to know the next Sansa Fuze generation! (Android inside? ^^)

My fuze is awsome can’t say enough .


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@leemann wrote:

My fuze is awsome can’t say ernough .




True dat.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Count me in on the Fuze love, too. The Fuze is probably the single best FLAC DAP on the market…because of all its features, abilities and qualities.

Indeed.  Just try to find a comparable device, as thin, as capable, as functional, and as good sounding as the Sansa Fuze.  

I wish you luck in this quest!  There are similar machines out there, but couple the Fuze with µSDHC, and you have a winning combination.

Bob  :smileyveryhappy: 

I have a Fuze, my daughter has a Fuze and my son has a Fuze.

A Fuze here, a Fuze there a Fuze everywhere!

And everybody’s happy. Can’t wait to try some FLAC :slight_smile:

I have had my fuze since last december. I still use it everyday and recommend them to any body that listens

4gig black version1 with 2 8 gig cards(1 just for movies)…THANKS SANDISK from 1 very happy fuze owner!!!

Amen, brothas’! Amen!

I had replaced mine twice, but once you get it to work, it’s the greatest $87 I ever spent on an mp3 player (really the only, but that doesn’t matter).