Is this normal? (video question)

I have an 8gb Fuze onto which I’ve tried to load a few videos using the Sansa Media Converter (which I ended up assembling an entire Windows machine just to run).  It only takes a few tries to load the media onto the player (SMC locks up often) but once it’s on, I’m able to view it exactly one time.  If I try to view any of the videos a second time, the player either freezes up totally or self-reboots.

Once in this mode, I cannot play music or do anything, because it all causes the player to self-reboot.

Fortunately, since I loaded my videos onto my 8gb SD card, I can restore functionality by removing this card.  But while it’s in, the player is useless.

Any tips?

Try video4fuze

Oooh! A Linux version!  Sweet!

I’ll give that a try, thanks!