Titles and copying

When I have the music file up on the computer, I select the arrangement of title to be by name. However, it does anything but, except when it’s on the sansa clip screen. But, instead of reading Clocks, Concerto in D minor etc., it reads Track 1, Track 2 etc. How can I fix this? I tried right clicking on the title like suggested but there is no “advanced” option.

The manual says that copying music to the sansa clip should be easy, but once again, anything but. To get the music I want, I have to move the music from where ever I’m getting  it from to the desk top, then I can move it to the sansa clip. And then, after I am done with that I have to delete everything I’ve moved to the desk top. I am also unable to move any of my music around on the sansa clip. Ex: moving a song from the music folder to the album folder. Is there a way to fix this? I am sooooo frustrated!

Thanks for your help.