New Sansa Clip purchase, inability to copy files to it

I purchased a Sansa clip to give as a gift to my husband because of the so-called easy to use features of the mp3 player according to your website. I spend a very frustrating hour attempting to copy music to the sansa clip, only to have it transfer as unknown artist and title track #'s. I was unable to drag and drop in windows media player, everytime I did it had a blocked icon.  I am running windows 8 with the latest software. I am just aobut ready to ship this thing back and get my money back. I am wondeirng if I should have just paid a little extra an gotten him an ipod like i own.

I will give this thing another 15 minutes of my time if someone can give me any kind of easy direcitons how now to load music to this thing with the albumn title, artist, and track names… I will not buy software to make this thing work, as any extra expense in my opinion at this point would be better spent on a new device that comes with free software.

Very frustrated new owner, about to toss it out the window.

I gave it 12 hours, no one responded- I’m sending it back and buying another from another manufacturer who provides software to properly add files with the title/author/album. I will never buy one of your products again, this has been the most aggravating product purchase I have ever made.

LOL, you gave it overnight?!?  Do you realize that we all are users here, just like you, and are not sitting here waiting for your posts?

I’m sorry about your frustration, but did you even try telephoning SanDisk Tech. Support and asking for assistance?  It’s all rather easy:  just make sure the songs’ ID3 tags, which ALL modern players require, are filled in, with any tag editor–MP3Tag being a good and freely-available one online.