Please help me with my Clip+

Hi all,

I have a Clip+ 8GB.

I have tried to load music on it in 2 ways: thorugh MSC and through Windows Media Player.

Both times, some albums did not upload properly. Either they showed as “unknown”, did not upload at all, or uploaded partially.

Is there a foolproof way to get music onto my device?

I gratefully await your advice.


You’re going to have to be more specific as to “did not upload properly, partially, or at all”.

As to the ‘Unknown’ issue, this means the file’s ID3 tags cannot be read by the player. These tags contain info about the track like Artist, Album, Track # & Name, etc. and is what the player uses to populate the lists on the player and displays that info when the track is playing.

You’ll have to edit these tags. A good dedicated tag-editor is MP3Tag.

Thanks, Tapeworm.

I meant that while some albums would upload without a hitch, some simply would not appear on the device’s menu (though they would appear in Windows). A couple of albums were only partially uploaded, with 2 or 3 songs showing on the device.

Again, a tag issue. If you can see them on the device in Windows Explorer, they are there. Period. There’s no such thing as a partial upload, unless you specifically told it (by selecting or not) only to transfer certain files.

If you can’t see them on the player, it means _ it _ can’t ‘see’ them either. You need to fix the tags so it can.

I have a brand new Sansa clip+ and cannot get it to work.   Help, please!!!

@maschind wrote:

I have a brand new Sansa clip+ and cannot get it to work.   Help, please!!!

Have you read the manual?

If you have and still need help please start a new message and give more details.

How do I get to the home music page?

I think I have music on my Clip + but cannot find out how to play the songs.   Help please!!!

The manual has all that information in it. Please read it.