New Sansa Clip+ not showing track titles

I recently received a new Sansa Clip+ as a Christmas present to replace my old one (its headphone jack was going out). I’ve updated it to the latest firmware (01.02.18A, same as my old one), and I’ve copied my entire music library from the old player to the new one. Everything plays and runs identically, except for one thing: on the new player, the song titles never show up, and the file name is always displayed when playing a song. My old player would show the song title from the metadata instead of the file name when playing if it was available. I’ve verified that the titles are actually there and weren’t lost through some freak copying mishap, so I’m confused as to why this won’t work like my old player.

Does anyone know of the issue and/or how to fix it?

And the files all have their ID3 tags filled in (the Clips generally use the ID3 tags to display on the screen), right?

Well, yeah, that’s my point. All the tags are there, and everything else (album, artist, etc.) is displayed both in the main playback screen and the track info section except for the title (which, oddly enough, never had a track info entry anyway, but that’s beside the point).

…although, as strange as it may seem, the track titles appear to have returned–after I moved the music off the device to analyze volume data to enable the Clip+'s Replay Gain. Really weird there, but hey, it works now! (Maybe moving to the computer did it, since I originally copied it directly between devices?)

I long ago stopped trying to figure electronics out.  I’m just happy when something finally works.   :wink:

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