Tips: Possibly free library audiobooks and Creative Xmod to enhance sound.

Two tips to Connect users for extra listening pleasure:

  1. The Connect’s PlaysForSure support makes it compatible with OverDrive Media and NetLibrary audiobooks.   These are the two formats that many local libraries use.  Check with your local library, you may have a free source for mainstream audiobooks.  (You can check for yourself whether your local library offers OverDrive Media audiobooks here on the right under “Search Libraries.”  If not, ask them if they support NetLibrary.)  Note that for spoken word like audiobooks and podcasts, you’ll want a proper resume feature, i.e., resume from the place you left off in the song/audiobook/podcast.  The Connect will resume properly from Sleep, but not from full Shutdown.  Per the FAQ, Sleep goes into Shutdown after 72 hours.

  2. Hook up the Connect to your stereo through a Creative Xmod enhancer (powered via an A/C-to-USB connecter like this), and you’ve got the best quality radio feed ever!  (Because the Xmod needs A/C power, it’s sadly not a walk-around solution.)

This thread needs a bump for the library eBooks!  Wow what a great post.  I thought my library surely wouldn’t be on the list, but it was:smiley: !!!

Isn’t “PlaysForSure” just a marketing term for the MTP protocol?  If so, does MTP support automatically mean support for OverDrive and NetLibrary?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you’re right.

According to Wikipedia (pertinent para. quoted below),

“PlaysForSure Subscription” = MTP (+ maybe MSC)

“PlaysForSure” = MTP or MSC or both

MTP (also “Subscription music” and “protected WMA” ) seems the better term for describing OverDrive Media/NetLibrary support (though I’ve never seen a device claiming PlaysForSure that wouldn’t play OverDrive Media audiobooks).  It’s a better term even than “PlaysForSure Subscription”, because not every vendor needs to go through Microsoft certification, and now Microsoft has deprecated the term "PlaysForSure.


“The Microsoft certification mark PlaysForSure was commonly used to distinguish devices that support MTP or USB mass storage device class (MSC), or both, and Windows Media Audio. However, only MTP devices received the PlaysForSure “Subscription” mark, which denoted support for Janus DRM. The PlaysForSure program has been terminated and replaced by a Certified for Windows Vista[8] program instead.”

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