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please could you add warranty information to the website because i don’t know if i want to buy online anymore if i can’t get warranty or don’t know what it is.

Thank You

P.S. Please reply if you agree and maybe they will add it! 

found warranty info except sandisk does not have their own warranty. thats fine but it only shows the names and length of warrant here: SanDisk SD Card, Memory Cards, and Flash Drives for PC & Mac | Western Digital


Sansa e200, Sansa c200, Sansa View, Sansa Clip, Sansa Express, Sansa Shaker, SanDisk MP3 Companion

What about adding


Sansa Fuze 

and making it easier to find i had to seach my browser to find it

all sansa mp3 players you listed including the Fuze have a 1 year manufacturers warranty