Thinking about getting one for voice recording...

I heard great things about the new Sansa Clip+. However, I had a Sansa Express before. It was so horrible, it makes me a bit skeptical about the Clip+. One of the most horrid attributes of the Express was the refresh database which came up everytime it booted up, taking over 7 minutes if it didn’t shut itself off automatically (I had to click a button to keep it from shutting down). But above all was the music. For some strange reason, it would only play half of my music. Maybe the tags were messed up, fine. But it should have been able to play it regardless because it worked on my computer and other mp3 players.

Sorry for snapping, but I’m in a desperate need for an mp3 player. I’m quite the cheap fellow; I also need a voice digital voice recorder that’ll work within 10-15 (never passed 20) feet. I do have a old recorder, but it’s a battery consumer. I can’t even hook it up to my PC.

Now about the mp3 player, seems like the Clip+ has similar firmware to that of the Express, but cleaner and better. I saw the review, and boot up doesn’t seem to be problamatic. However, I’m still questioning it; I tested the voice recorder on my Express at a 15ft. It picked some noise up, but I had to max the volume out in order to make out what was being recorded (which i still couldn’t do).

I really want the clip to be the all around device I need, but it would need to work sufficiently at 15feet. I hear so many reviews, but barely anything about its little functions. I really want to get it, but Sansa already failed me once…

Hello Soy. You didn’t like how I answered your questions on the ABI board? I too am very cheap, but decided to splurge on a Clip+ even though I already had a Fuze and a Clip. To be quite honest with you, voice recording is the lowest quality function on the Clip+, Clip, and Fuze.

I just tried the voice recording on my Clip+. I just tried two sample recordings. With the player only around 4 feet away, it picked up plenty of noise from a fan in the room. Imo at around 15 feet away the recording would probably be unintelligible if there is some fan noise or other noise in the room. The voice recorder on the Clip+ works best at short distances from the speaker. Clipped to the speaker’s lapel, it can make acceptable recordings.

it is doubtful that you would get a great recording with any mp3 player from 15-20 feet away. The recorder I mentioned on the other board can be set to be very directional, but even so, 15-20 feet away would be a challenge to get a decent recording.

lol, sorry. I thought I’d ask here on the SanDisk forums because I thought I could find some other feedback from different users that own or use the Clip+.

Nonetheless, your feedback was great! Thanks for all the information you’ve provided though =D. I’ve decided to buy a 4gb (as soon as I can find a store that sells it in black). If the voice recording doesn’t work out for me, then I’ll just buy a cheap $20 recorder online from Amazon. It should still fit under my $90 budget, correct?

Thanks again. =D

I just tried it across a room, about 10 feet to a TV next to a quieter box fine.  One could make out the TV, but it sounds like a recording of a TV across a room …


I just tried it across a room, about 10 feet to a TV next to a quieter box fan.  One could make out the TV, but it sounds like a recording of a TV across a room …


My Clip+ is 4 GB and in black. I paid $50 plus tax for it at a Best Buy store. If you are not in a big rush to get it, you might find it at a place on the net with free shipping that discounts it a bit. I don’t expect it to be below $45 soon, but if you could save $5 it would be nice. The 4 GB Fuze is down to $51 on Amazon with free shipping, which is a great deal. I posted several posts here and on ABI about the Clip+ vs Fuze. I am glad I bought both. They each serve a slightly different purpose. If I could own just one though, I think I would choose the Fuze though. When I bought my Clip last year, the 4 GB Clip was much cheaper than the 4 GB Fuze. Now the price of the 4 GB Clip+ and Fuze are very close at some places(although there are still some places in the US that sell the 4 GB Fuze for as much as $90!)

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