Comparisons between Sansa Express and Sansa Clip?

I bought a Sansa Express at Big Lots back in February.  It’s the older model with the one-color screen. I didn’t really start using it until about a month ago.  I’m using it heavily now, solely for the purpose of recording music off the radio. It does a good job of it. The recordings are of good quality.  I’m now thinking of buying a second recording device, theoretically doubling the amount of incoming recorded music.  Can anyone make a comparison of the Clip to the Express?  Is the clip also accessible from linux?  Can the 2 GB Clip record for 4 hours? Does the battery last long enough to do it?  I’ve found that recording really eats up the battery charge in a hurry.  I may decide to buy a clip or maybe by another Sansa Express on Amazon. Your opinions are appreciated.