Mp3 Player alternatives with a voice recorder + audible support

My Sansa Clip+ just died, probably. The transitions between screens seemed very slow. Would not connect to the computer. It’s now just loading up to show Sansa then gets stuck the clover/flower for minutes on end. I’ll let the battery drain and maybe recharge. Thankfully, I hoarded one 8GB in 2015 and that’s working… but what’s next?

I need an mp3 player that has the two extra features I loved in Clip+: a voice recorder and audible support. Any recommendations appreciated!

I appreciate yor idea about  Mp3 Player alternatives with a voice recorder + audible support.and i like your post.

Also do see this.

Any updates still welcome!

I’m in kind of the same boat. My display gave out but I can listen to the radio. I’ve been looking for a replacement that will let me record from the radio, which is something I still do sometimes because I memorized the push-button order while the display was fading but still there.

If I find something I’ll post it here.

I joined this Sansa group to post something about battery life, and posted it just before I posted this reply to you.

My clip is getting on 10 years old, maybe 11. Batteries wear out, stop charging, no problem. I was getting a half hour to an hour of radio time, I check my watch out of habit when I turn it on. Last Saturday I got over 9.5 hours out of one charge. Now I’m trying to figure out how I did it!