Help - My Sansa Clip + 8gig died! And I don't know what to replace it with.

Sometime last winter I ordered a new sansa clip + from Amazon.  Of course it was discontinued but I was still able to get one anyways.  I think I paid 50 dollars.  Mine only lasted over the summer.  Today it took a dump.  I had been running Rockbox on it because my song count is almost to 7,000.  I thought maybe if I were to uninstall rockbox and re install the ordinal firmware that it would revive.  I also tried other things like resetting it back to factor settings, reformatting it, and using check disk to test the file system, as well as swapping the microSD card with another clip +.  All that told me is the songs that are on the microSD card is fine.  It sounds like the built in amplifier went bad or the head phone jack is breaking loose inside, or maybe it can no longer process the mp3s properly.  It’s like trying to play back 128 cbr audio files that sound like they are only encoded at 020 cbr. 

I don’t know what to buy to replace it with.